Can You Sleep with Partial Dentures?

Can You Sleep with Partial Dentures?

December 1, 2022

For over a century, dentures have served as an excellent option for people with some or all their natural teeth missing. However, if you have missing teeth and consider dentures suitable for your needs, you might have plenty of questions about the rules of wearing dentures. For example, you might wonder whether you can sleep with dentures, whether it is safe to do so, or whether it is essential to remove them before getting into bed.

This article aims to answer your questions comprehensively after explaining the two primary types of dentures you can consider to replace your lost teeth.

Primary Types of Dentures on the Market

  • Complete Dentures: This option is excellent if you have lost all your natural teeth because they help restore your smile and mouth functionality.
  • Partial Dentures: If you need a replacement solution for some missing natural teeth or are suitable for dental implants, partial dentures are an excellent option to close the gaps between your teeth.

How Many Teeth Do You Need for a Partial?

If you consider partial dentures, it indicates you have some natural teeth remaining in your mouth and don’t find complete dentures essential for your needs. Partial dentures are best for patients with one or more additional missing teeth with the other natural teeth remaining in place.

Partial dentures are customized dental restorations created by the dentist in to close the edentulous gaps in your mouth with artificial teeth. Your fake teeth are fabricated from porcelain and fitted on a gum-colored base to appear and function like your natural teeth. Therefore so long as you have some natural teeth remaining can consider partial dentures suitable for your situation.

Do You Have to Remove Dentures before Sleeping?

Whether you need partials and full dentures in Pocahontas, the dentist providing them strongly suggests not wearing them when sleeping.

Dentures need removal, cleaning, and storage in water or a cleansing solution before getting into bed. Partial dentures are removable and need removal before bed because they can put you at risk of conditions like pneumonia and increase your chances of dental health problems like gum inflammation, tongue and gum plaque, and other issues related to oral hygiene.

In addition, not removing the dentures at night to gently brush your gums helps bacteria and fungal growth in your mouth, resulting in lousy breath and irritation to the gum tissues. Therefore removing the dentures at night, brushing your gums and tongue thoroughly after removal, and storing the partials or complete dentures in water or a cleansing solution is an essential requirement you cannot overlook.

How Much Is a Full Partial Denture?

The prices of a full partial denture can vary according to your geographical location, how many teeth you want in a partial, the expertise of the provider, and the materials used for creating your artificial teeth. For example, if you prefer plastic teeth on the partial, you might have to pay fewer dollars for the replacement solution. On the other hand, if you desire porcelain teeth to appear natural in your mouth, the prices will likely be higher. Therefore the optimal solution is to discuss your needs with the Pocahontas dentist to ascertain the costs of partial dentures.

Caring for Your Replacement Teeth

Now that you know sleeping with partials or complete dentures isn’t recommended, it helps if you discuss with the dentist how you can clean your artificial teeth thoroughly and store them overnight before getting into bed.

Although partial dentures replace your natural teeth, they need proper attention, similar to the remaining teeth in your mouth. The dental care routine you must follow with your partials includes using a denture brush or a Fgum with nonabrasive denture cleanser to gently eliminate food particles, dental plaque, and bacterial deposits from the denture. After cleaning the prosthetic, you must place the artificial teeth in warm water or denture cleanser, storing it safely in a closed container in an area where no risks of accidentally knocking the container are present.

The following day you must clean the dentures again before placing them in your mouth after going to your regular dental care routine for your natural teeth. Cleaning at night before bed and in the morning is essential before placing the dentures in your mouth. However, dentists firmly recommend not wearing dentures when sleeping to avoid the risks they present and safeguard your oral and general health.

If you miss a couple of teeth and need replacements for them, Pocahontas Dental Associates provides complete and partial dentures to help restore your aesthetic appearance and mouth functionality. Kindly arrange a consultation with them to receive your partials with appropriate instructions on how to care for them day and night.