Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions in Pocahontas, IA

If you have a damaged or infected tooth, you may need an extraction. When you are dealing with a dental issue of any type, it’s important to visit our dentists near you to get the care and treatment you need. For more information about our dentists in Pocahontas, IA, give us a call today. Our friendly team at Pocahontas Dental Associates offers tooth extractions near you, as well as other services.

Why Do People Need Dental Extractions?

There are several situations that may require our dentists to remove a tooth. In most cases, our dentists are able to save the teeth. There are many procedures we can use to treat the issue and help you keep your tooth. If we have tried everything possible to save the tooth and the issue persists, we may suggest an extraction.

You may need an extraction in the following situations:

  • Crowding or to make room for braces
  • Dental abscesses
  • Tooth decay
  • Tooth damage

During a consultation, our dentists will talk to you about all of your options. Extractions are often used as a last resort if there is no other way to preserve the tooth. Rest assured that our dentists have experience with extractions and will ensure the procedure goes as planned.

What is the Extraction Process?

If you need a dental extraction, you might be wondering what the process is like. For some people, going to the dentist’s office can be scary. Our dentists near you want you to feel comfortable when you come in for your appointment.

Prior to an extraction, you will be given a local anesthetic, which works by numbing the area. The tooth is then removed. It can be extracted in one piece or multiple pieces if it is impacted.

Following the extraction, you will be given instructions for caring for the site as it heals. It’s important to follow the guidelines given to you to prevent infection and additional dental issues. If you notice any concerning signs, be sure to contact Pocahontas Dental Associates. Our team is here to help you maintain a healthy smile and we would be happy to assist you if needed.

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