April 1, 2022

What have you heard about dental extractions? Is it just the pros or cons? Well, let’s go deep into the topic of tooth extraction. This article will list down all you need to know about tooth extractions and why you might need to undergo a tooth extraction.

Tooth extraction is a dental treatment that a dentist or oral surgeon can perform to remove a permanent or baby tooth that has suffered severe damages.

Whenever a dentist agrees that a tooth cannot be saved, it is always for a valid reason. Part of the reason is to either provide relief for the patient, which they couldn’t get from other dental treatment, or prevent the damaged teeth from causing more problems.

Whatever the reasons for removing a tooth from its tooth bone is, the dentist would always check if the tooth can be saved with other dental treatments before resorting to tooth extraction.

Depending on the dental issue, you can get a simple extraction or surgical extraction.

What is a Simple Extraction?

A simple extraction is easy and less complicated, just as its name implies. It is often performed on an affected tooth that is visible and easy to remove. If the damaged tooth is above the gums and easy to reach, it requires simple extraction.

What is a Surgical Extraction?

On the other hand, surgical extraction is not easy and simple. It is complex, and your dentist might have to refer you to an oral surgeon for the procedure. If the damaged tooth is broken inside the gums or yet to erupt, the surgeon would have to make an incisi0n on the gums to gain access to the tooth. Surgical extractions are mostly performed on wisdom teeth.

Why Does Patient Need Dental Extraction?

Tooth extraction can be performed for various valid reasons.

1. For Broken/ Chipped Tooth:

Accidents can happen at any time to anyone. When they occur, the affected person might develop injuries at any part of the body, and the teeth are not excluded.

If the broken teeth are severely damaged and can not be restored with dental restoration, the only solution might be to extract the teeth and replace them with an artificial one if the patient wants to.

2. For Infected Teeth:

One fact about teeth infection is that it spreads to other parts of the teeth and can cause more damage if it is not attended to immediately. Although root canal therapy can be performed to remove the infection and preserve the natural tooth, the teeth infection might be too severe for root canal therapy in some cases. Also, removing the infected tooth would prevent the surrounding teeth from getting affected in the long run.

3. For Wisdom Teeth:

People who don’t have enough space inside their mouth to accommodate extra back teeth might have to get a tooth extraction. Wisdom teeth are a situation where teeth erupt forcefully at the back of the mouth, even with an existing tooth near it. Either the dentist removing the wisdom tooth that is about to force its way out, or the nearby tooth would be removed so that the wisdom tooth can grow out properly.

4. For Orthodontic Treatments:

If you’ve used braces, you might understand braces work perfectly well when the mouth is not crowded. If there is not enough space inside the mouth, the braces won’t fit properly. For the braces to fit properly, the dentist near you would have to remove one or more teeth depending on how much space is needed for the braces.

How does Tooth Extraction help to Maintain a Healthy Smile?

Tooth extraction has a lot of advantages.

1. It provides a long-lasting solution by tackling the main source of the dental problem. This way, you would feel relieved knowing that the main problem has been taken away.

2. It takes away the pain. Sometimes the affected tooth might be causing severe pain. Getting rid of the affected tooth would bring quick relief to the patient, and they can also go back to living their normal lives.

3. It allows you to get another alternative. Imagine what would happen if the damaged tooth could not be restored or removed. That would be sad. However, the bad tooth can be removed with tooth extraction, and an artificial one can be placed. Note that there are various good dental restorations for tooth replacement that would give you a beautiful and healthy smile.

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