Is Wisdom Tooth Pain Considered an Emergency?

Is Wisdom Tooth Pain Considered an Emergency?

April 1, 2023

Your third molars, called the wisdom teeth, often emerge at awkward angles and occasionally remain trapped within your gums. Wisdom teeth located at the far back of your mouth are challenging to clean by brushing and flossing and are often renowned for their complications instead of their wisdom.

You may experience pain when the wisdom teeth emerge between 17 and 25. Unfortunately, they are also accompanied by several complications during the eruption. Wisdom teeth often do not have sufficient space in the jaw or may emerge with an existing cavity. These problems make it essential to determine when emergency care might become necessary.

Wisdom teeth pain can become unbearable occasionally, requiring the attention of the emergency dentist near me to provide relief. Sometimes you may find relief from wisdom tooth pain using over-the-counter medications or home remedies. However, the relief is temporary, making it essential to seek medical attention when you have the time without waiting until the last minute because it can prove harmful. If you don’t know when you must seek attention from your dentist for wisdom tooth pain, kindly continue reading this post providing information that will prove beneficial for you.

When Does Wisdom Tooth Pain Become an Emergency?

  • Wisdom Tooth Holes: if your wisdom tooth has holes, indentations, or craters, consider booking an appointment with your dentist for evaluation. These elements often indicate the potential for tooth holes, exposed nerves, et cetera. In such cases, you may experience severe pain until you receive treatment for the condition from dentist 50554.
  • Adjacent Loose Tooth: if insufficient space is available in your jawbone for the wisdom tooth to emerge, it poses a threat to the adjacent teeth by pushing against them. The adjacent teeth can become loose and fall out. When you lose a tooth, the cost of replacing it is considerable.
  • Severe Pain: pain thresholds differ between everyone making the term relative. However, if you experience severe pain, then you can bear that the time has arrived to seek medical intervention to prevent severe complications. Some indications of nearing or crossing the pain threshold include lack of effectiveness from natural remedies, OTC painkillers requiring more time to produce results, discomfort lasting for over a few hours to a few days, wisdom tooth pain radiates into headaches or migraines, and the lack of concentration during work or school.

Lifestyle Interruptions

If your wisdom tooth pain becomes severe, making you feel you must stay home from work, avoid certain foods and stay away from socializing, it is time for the dentist in Pocahontas to intervene. The sooner you have the problematic tooth examined by the dentist, the better for you to return to your regular life.

Preparing for an Emergency Dental Visit

The pain you experience can make it challenging to consider visiting an emergency dentist, making it essential to start planning the trip in advance. You must arrange for a family member or friend to assist you with transportation and moral support. In addition, gather any documentation or cards necessary for identification, payment, and proof of insurance.

Before reaching the dentist’s office, stop by any supermarket or grocery to gather some emergency items to keep on hand, depending on your specific symptoms. For example, if you experience bleeding gums, you can bring gauze or have painkillers handy if the pain is excruciating.

When you experience wisdom tooth pain, it makes sense for you not to seek home remedies but prefer visiting your dentist because it helps save more money than neglecting dental visits. Unfortunately, some dental emergencies are best handled by dentists making it essential to contact a professional if you have an emergency with your wisdom tooth. In addition, it doesn’t make sense to endure the pain or try to preserve a wisdom tooth that will constantly create problems in your mouth to make you need treatments for gum disease and other complications.

The dentist will likely recommend extracting the problematic wisdom tooth to give you freedom from the pain and other complications that can cause if left in your mouth.

If you have wisdom teeth with craters or holes, do not consider the situation normal because it isn’t. Instead, visit Pocahontas Dental Associates well ahead of time, inquiring whether the tooth is better removed to benefit your dental health. The dentists will examine your teeth and gums and suggest a remedy best suited to avoid severe pain and infections in your mouth by offering wisdom tooth removal.