How to Get Rid of Yellowish Teeth

How to Get Rid of Yellowish Teeth

February 1, 2022

The last thing anyone wants is to have yellow teeth as their identifier. Everyone wants to be remembered for their achievements and how they inspired other people, not about the color of their smile. It is why you must pay attention to how your smile appears because it is among the very first thing people notice when they meet you.

The Embarrassment of Yellow Teeth

One of the greatest battles of having yellow teeth is how it lowers your self-confidence. It almost seems like every time you open your mouth, people will be staring at how dull your smile is. Besides, when your teeth are duller than they should be, it affects your overall facial appearance, especially compared to your skin tone.
If you want all your first impressions to be good, you must ensure people have positive things to say about you. Start by determining what aspects of your smile need to be improved, including the color of your teeth.

​Why Do Teeth Become Yellow?

When your teeth first start yellowing, you will not notice any significant change in the appearance of your smile. The reason is that the yellowing of teeth happens gradually, worsening with time. The reasons for the discoloration of your teeth color will not be the same as another person’s reason. However, the most common causes of teeth discoloration are:

  • Food pigments – People who enjoy foods with dark pigments will eventually notice their teeth yellowing. Dark pigments of food can remain on the surfaces of teeth, and over time, develop into stains. Such foods include red wine, coffee, dark berries, among others.
  • Poor oral hygiene – Allowing plaque and tartar to form on teeth.
  • Aging – The older you get, the more likely your teeth will dull. It is usually a result of enamel erosion that happens gradually, exposing more of your teeth dentin, typically duller than the enamel.
  • Dental decay – When your teeth start to decay, they get discolored.
  • Medication – If you have underlying long-term health problems that require you to be under constant medication, you may suffer dental discoloration.
  • Alcohol consumption – Regular and high alcohol consumption will eventually tarnish the color of your teeth.
  • Smoking, sniffing or chewing tobacco products.

​How to Overcome Yellow Teeth

The first thought that should come to mind when considering how to overcome yellow teeth is contacting a teeth whitening dentist near you. Ultimately, seeking professional help to whiten your teeth is the best, safe approach. There are about four main ways that we help our patients overcome yellow teeth at Pocahontas Dental Associates:

  • Professional teeth whitening – Many dentists in Pocahontas will recommend this approach to correct the discoloration of your smile. Professional teeth whitening involves enamel bleaching protocols, using special whitening products in dentistry. The whitening products break down any stain molecules on your teeth to restore their whiteness and brightness.
  • Deep teeth cleaning – People who have yellow teeth due to poor dental hygiene can benefit from teeth cleaning sessions to brighten teeth. The cleaning sessions remove plaque and tartar from the surfaces of your teeth, which are responsible for changing their color. After your teeth cleaning, your teeth will appear brighter and whiter than there were.
  • Dental bonding – Bonding is a cosmetic procedure done to improve the appearance of teeth. The procedure involves the composite resin adhering on teeth to mask the discolorations.
  • Dental veneers – Veneers are also cosmetic alternatives to whitening teeth. They work bests for patients with stubborn stains or who need to overcome enamel thinning. Dental veneers are attached to the front surfaces of your teeth, restoring the flawed enamels. The good thing with dental veneers, just like dental composite bonding, is that these approaches to whitening teeth can target the particular teeth that are stained. Better yet, these last two approaches will improve any other dental flaws you may have alongside the yellowing of your teeth.


The discoloration of teeth is not a mandatory dental stage of life that happens to everyone. If you are intentional about your dental health, you can enforce certain measures to prevent the yellowing of teeth. Such may include lifestyle changes like quitting alcohol, tobacco usage, and brushing your teeth daily.